Four Large Pieces Started

Well things have started to get busy in the run up to Christmas ... so much to do, so little time! However, I have (somehow) managed to make a start on four new pieces, which measure about 16 x 20 inches, so quite large for me. I have sold one or two of these larger artworks this year, so they're not too big for people to want to buy. Three are female portraits and one is totally based on a Gustav Klimt painting (piece 2 - top right.) I so love his beautiful artworks of women, so I thought I would take one of his works and put my own slant on it. These pieces are in watercolour and acrylic ink at the moment, on heavy Langton watercolour paper, and I will be adding my usual Posca pen detailing towards the end. These are in the very early stages and require many more hours of work to get to where I want to be with them.


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