Start To Finish Portrait

I remembered to take work in progress photos this week of an artwork I have been creating. I always want to do this so I have a record, and it's very interesting for others to see how a painting progresses, but unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 I completely forget to take the photos as I am going along, but thankfully this time I did. Above is the finished artwork, and I work backwards to the first under painting below.

Almost there. Just needed to do some more pen work, colouring some of the shapes, adding dots etc and giving a final, all over thin acrylic glaze. 

This was taken around about the middle of the completing of the artwork. By this time I had several coats of paint on the paper, so had built up rich colour, but I still had quite a bit to do. 

Here I have started to block in the shapes for the figure, face and hair and background after the initial, all over first coat of paint. 

The first layer of paint in this artwork consisted of a greeny blue wash with paler lemon going towards the bottom. I had already very lightly sketched out the woman so used this to guage where the colour tones would be - with paler colours where her body and face would have been; more yellow there so the brown skin tone would work better when it went on, so not having to go over deeper green under the skin. This artwork measures 16 x 20 inches.


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