Four by Four Inch Florals

I have been doing some artwork which is a bit of a departure for me, lately. If you have followed my art for any length of time, you will realise that I mainly paint figurative or portrait art. The style ranges from slightly quirky, through to weird or surreal art brut. However, I have been trying my hand out at some floral still lives as part of my tiny art adventure recently. I think they still have my signature style, even though they don't have eyes, and I am more or less happy with how they have turned out. With practice, no doubt they will become more refined ..... or not! As an artist with not the best 'drawing skills' in the world, I find my own way of expressing myself always, so hopefully these will be popular. These particular ones are all 4 x 4 inches, so convenient to slip straight into a standard 4 x 4 frame or mount. I have already sold one floral ACEO art card, so that's a good sign. If you like these, you can find them in my TeenyTinyArtStudio on Etsy. 


  1. Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my blog :)
    I like the flowers, they are still in your own style, your work is so colourful and vibrant. x


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